Specialized, highly effective, quality, service


Laser Marking Machines

No Consumable • Highly Precise  • Non-contact • Permanent

Laser Welding Machines

Excellen Seam Quality  • Non-contact  •  Highly Speed &Precise

Custom-designed Laser Machines

Automatically  •  Flexibility • Cost-effective  • High-speed
The company introduces

Is established in 2008

Well-known industry laser device factory
The domestic well-known industry laser device factory, is established in 2008, the company is equipped with more than ten subsidiary companies and the office in the land, year sale laser device 5000.

The company has the profession experience to reach more than ten year specialized research and development design team, may have custom-made the non-sign automation laser device for various professions development, we dedicate to devote to the entire plan service provider who becomes the industry laser device domain, provides the high quality, high stable, the high performance-to-price ratio industry laser device and the omni-directional technical support service for the client.
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